Welcome to Construct Database! I'm Sparsha, the creator of the plugins that help you connect Firebase to Construct 3.

I'm a programmer, game dev/designer, and 3D artist. I created this project because I wanted to spend more time on designing cool stuff, and I figured others might find it helpful too.

It all started back in 2018 when I wanted to participate in a game development competition. I had an idea for an online game, and after scouring the forums, I found that Firebase might be the way to go. But there were no decent solutions available! Most of the stuff out there was dying and had no support. And to make matters worse, I was just a kid with no money to spend on fancy tools.

So, I decided to learn some JavaScript and created my first YouTube tutorial showing how to integrate Firebase with Construct 2. People liked it and started reaching out to me for more help. And that's how in 2020 I thought let's learn developing plugins too!

I am also a fan of art and design. At the moment, I'm a student studying game design. Here are a some of the covers of my 3D artworks.

You can see the full artworks at my Artstation: artstation.com/sparshadhar.

Would love to know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope my work can be helpful to you in some way.