Auth Error Codes

Last Updated: 11 Nov 2020

Firebase Authentication Error Code and Error Message:

In Firebase Auth Basic Plugin, there are two expressions called ".errorCode" and ".errorMessage". Their values are changed accordingly when there is an error in Auth which helps to identify where and why the error occured.

The ".errorMessage" is a Message that is meant to be shown to the user in case of an error by using a Text Box Plugin Object, so that the current user can understand what the error might be. For example, if an email address with which s/he is trying to Sign Up with already exists, the user will be notified by this message- "The email address is already in use by another account."

".errorCode" is the Code name of the error which can be used for debugging, or for showing a custom Message to the user. For example, in the eventsheet, compare the values:  if(Auth.errorCode="email-already-in-use") --> Set Text of Textbox ("Email already exists")

The following table is a list of such data:

Firebase Error Codes Basic Plan

NOTE: If you come across any other Error Codes, please report. 

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