Dynamic Links

Last Updated: 17 Feb 2023

Set Up Dynamic Links

3. In Construct 3, paste the Domain Name in Plugin Property "Dynamic Links Domain"

Types of Dynamic Links

Long Dynamic Link

This is the default form of dynamic link. All the data is exposed in this form.

Short Dynamic Link

This is a shortened form of the default-type link. It can be of minimum upto 4 characters

Unguessable Short Dynamic Link

Shortens the path to an unguessable string. Such strings are created by base62-encoding randomly generated 96-bit numbers, and consist of 17 alphanumeric characters. Use unguessable strings to prevent your Dynamic Links from being crawled, which can potentially expose sensitive information.

Debug Dynamic Links

To help you debug your Dynamic Links, you can preview your Dynamic Links' behavior on different platforms and configurations with an automatically-generated flowchart. Generate the flowchart by adding the d=1 parameter to any short or long Dynamic Link. For example, example.page.link/suffix?d=1

See more details about common Errors in Debugging: firebase.google.com/docs/dynamic-links/debug

Alternatively, after creating a Dynamic Link successfully, you can go to Browser's Developer Tools Console and the links will appear:

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