Remote Config

Last Updated: 17 Feb 2023


Go to the SDK Plugin Properties, and you will find Firebase Remote Config

Minimum Fetch Interval: 

During development, it's recommended to set a relatively low minimum fetch interval.

The default and recommended production fetch interval for Remote Config is 43200 seconds (12 hours), which means that configs won't be fetched from the backend more than once in a 12 hour window, regardless of how many fetch calls are actually made.

If an app fetches too many times in a short time period, fetch calls may be throttled. In such cases, the SDK throws a FETCH_THROTTLE error. So, for production apps, it is recommended to keep a high value.

Default Parameters

You can use Default Parameters when Remote Config has not been fetched.

Create Remote Config Parameters

To create and manage Remote Config Parameters, go to your Firebase Console > Remote Config

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