Secure Your Firebase Project

Last Updated: 27 Dec 2022

Firebase Security Rules

By default, Firebase Rules allows anyone to access your data. This can be problematic if you don't want data to be stolen or illegally modified.

Firebase Security Rules are required for Firebase Realtime Database, Firestore and Firebase Cloud Storage to protect its data.

Firebase Security Rules are special conditions that can restrict which data can be read or write, when and by whom.
It can allow only a group of authorized people to access your data.

Members get customized Security Rules for their project.

Become a member:

Restricting API Key

Restricting API Keys disallow others to run an app on their own Website using your Firebase API Keys.

(However, this doesn't make your Database or Cloud Storage secure. Any programmer can still steal your data easily. To Secure your Database and Cloud Storage, you need to deploy Firebase Security Rules for your app.)

2. Choose your required Firebase Project and your Firebase API Key from the list.

3. Select an Application restriction controls

4. Add an item